The Sound Cafe has been in operation for over 25 years, working across the full range of audio recording sectors: music; broadcast; voiceovers; plays; audio books; children's albums and even party political broadcasts.

Our team of experienced producers and engineers can ensure all your sound recording needs can be met to the highest quality. Alternatively, bring your own producer or engineer.

Whilst we offer a large selection of equipment, anything from a grand piano to specific microphones and effects units can be sourced locally.

CampbellGray’s latest album -‘Pulse’ has received some great reviews -
“More chilled and hypnotic than Martyn Bennett, this music is for the blissed-out stage of the evening”
 Folk Roots 2014.

Under the direction of Kath Burlinson Mairi embarkes on a Creative Scotland funded stage show of Pulse which will have a full run at this years Edinburgh Festival and feature tracks from the album.

To hear tracks from Campbellgray's new release - 'Pulse' - click this link...

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Stop Press: Sound Café upgrades to Protools HDX with the latest Mac Pro.

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