We at the Sound Cafe are now offering an array of modules primarily structured around the areas of music technology, production and songwriting .

We can offer both individual and small group workshops in audio technology, covering everything from recording, mixing and mastering, to production techniques, microphone placement and signal processing.

With the emergence of the home recording studio, we can offer practical support on how to implement professional recording and production techniques with a smaller, stripped down mobile/home recording setup, addressing topics such as hardware/software optimization, monitor setup, MIDI sequencing, cabling, microphone techniques, acoustics, editing and approaches to mixing / mastering.

All staff and instructors are fully disclosed, with extensive experience working with schools, councils and other public and private institutions. We also have first hand experience of music and music technology courses at secondary school, college, undergrad and post grad university level.

Recoirding Bundles
Remixing & Mastering
Studio Tuition